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About the Business

Andy Sams Photography

Andy Sams Austin wedding photographer has been a professional for nine years and has many featured reviews on blogs and magazines. Andy Sams has dedicated himself in giving his customers the best top services in wedding videography and Austin wedding photography. His hard work, dedication and inspirational vision has made him a famous wedding videographer and wedding photographers in Austin, TX.

He does engagement photo session and bridal session are done for a few hours with booking reservations. Andy Sam will retain all copyrights to all photos, but you will be covered to print, make copies and share them online.


Andy Sams Photography

Service Provided

He provides a list of packages that are affordable prices and will exceed your expectations. He provides his services outside of Austin, Tx to accommodate clients at reasonable rates. His photography style is known for being artistic wedding photojournalism and keeps his clients looking natural in captured images. Andy Sams will be your main wedding photographer and all your booking reservations. He takes at least 1500 shots of your event and his assistant takes up to 1000 shots.

Depending on what wedding package you choose; it will determine how many hours he will be taking photos. His packages start out with six hours of continuous wedding day coverage and up. All your photos will be examined to ensure professional and superb images. After photos are examined then he will crop, rotate, color balance and polished so they will look their best. His usually turn around on receiving your photos is up to six weeks.

Special Features

Andy Sams stands out in the state of Texas over other Austin wedding photographers; with his distinctive attention to every detail and imagination. His creative imagination will leave you breathless with every precious captured moment. In some of his wedding packages it will include a wedding album.

He gives you the option to let him use several different graphic designs and the albums are flush mount style. You will select what images you want in your album and the design phase can take up to eight weeks.



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