4 Useful Tips on Taking Excellent Photos of Bridal Jewelry

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Capturing good quality pictures of your wedding jewelry is an unsolved mystery. The shiny little treasures may produce various challenges (while you’re trying to capture a beautiful bridal jewelry photography). Wedding jewelry collections are small, delicate, and shiny.

Plus, they even feature complex and detailed designs. To shoot memorable and unforgettable bridal photos, it’s important to capture gorgeous and detailed shots on your wedding day.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not that complex or difficult to capture beautiful wedding photos with minute details. Simply go through the following tips and create excellent portfolios on bridal jewelry photography.

1. Clarity and Focus

Wedding jewelry photography always needs sharp and crisp focus. In fact, this is one of the most crucial factors to consider when you’re taking images of a ring or precious jewelry.

Remember, in your diamond engagement ring photo shoot, soft or blur focus can never produce good-quality images. The best diamond ring photo shoots should be sharp, clear, and detailed.

Note, it’s always recommended to use a tripod or similar types of camera support while you are shooting bridal jewelry. By using a sturdy tripod, your photographer will be able to capture sharp images.

2. Appropriate Lighting

Normally diffused lighting or soft lighting works best for wedding jewelry photo shoot. You must know that on-camera flash option can’t capture good jewelry photos.

Not only the default on-camera flash is too bright for a short and close distance, but also it will light up your bridal jewelry improperly. Furthermore, an on-camera flashlight may even create distracting and harsh shadows.

Therefore, rather than using a flashlight, you should use continuous lighting. With continuous lighting and bright ambiance, your wedding jewelry collection can be properly illuminated.

For this purpose, you can use natural-colored lights or fluorescent light bulbs since they produce less heat and generate perfect bridal jewelry photographs.

3. Environment/Background

Of course you can easily capture a pretty and exquisite image of your gorgeous diamond engagement ring. But, you should strive to make your wedding photos unique and memorable. You can incorporate special little elements (i.e. unconventional background ideas) to create a truly captivating image.

4. Keep It Simple

Placing jewelry on a piece of metal, wood, or other props can help you capture interesting photos. However, if you incorporate additional jewelry setups, it will bring more complexity. Therefore, you should “keep the things simple” and avoid adding extra complexities.