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Songbird Weddings John Pesina owner and operator of Songbird wedding photographers in Austin, TX has spent years perfecting his photography. John Pesina developed his Austin wedding photography business by shooting live bands, fashion, products, food and other various events.

John Pesina believes to be the best wedding photographer you need to have experience in these fields. He feels that this helps you to know how to capture the most important moments in someones life. John Pesina Austin wedding photographer understands that weddings are not just about planned poses, but they are dynamic and full of emotions. He believes a top wedding photographer will be able to adapt quickly in the ever changing event to capture every unique and emotional moment. Songbird Weddings has many exceptional reviews on John Pesina work, affordable prices and has made him famous in the state of Texas.


The Foundry

Services Offered:

John Pesina approach is high energy, fast paced, thorough and photojournalism method. He is dedicated in capturing every moment naturally as it unfolds; while being unobtrusive as possible. John Pesina mission is to capture your story with creativity and passion that will reflect your true spirit of your wedding day. John Pesina does not specialize in wedding videography but is willing to work with a vendor.

Songbird Weddings has a brilliant list of packages to pick from at reasonable rates. Package one comes with seven hours of coverage and more features. Package two comes with eight hours of coverage and more features. Package three comes with ten hours of coverage and more features. The all day package comes with up to 12 hours of coverage and several more features.

Why to Choose Them

John Pesina award winning owner of Songbird Austin wedding photographers has been recognized for his talents by; The Knot best of weddings, Fearless photographers and International Award Winning Wedding Photographer.

John Pesina is available nationally and internationally, which depending on the location will determine traveling fees. John Pesina will gladly work closely with a wedding videographer if requested.


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